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Bill Osborne

My artwork has been used in thousands of churches and ministries around the world and has been featured on book covers, CD albums, video games, and more.

Instead of recreating specific Biblical scenes, I tend to focus on the powerful visual imagery contained in Scripture. God paints a picture in our minds through His careful use of words and I attempt to translate some of that onto the canvas.

My prayer is that God’s Word will come alive in your heart as you look at these images. His words are more than text on a page – they are Power to those who believe!

Licensing is available for various projects. Please contact me about your specific project or need.



Christian Fantasy Art

The Full Gospel of Jesus

Featured Artwork

In All Your Ways

In the Beginning

I Have Given You Authority

Valley of the Shadow

Be Strong in the Lord

Jesus, the Light of Men

Faith Shield

Through the Fire

Light Shines in the Darkness

The Mighty

Be Strengthened

Take Courage

Fiery Darts


Elijah Calls Down Fire

Breath of Life

Be Courageous!

The Lord is a Warrior

Praise Him!

Lion of Judah

Caught Up

Rejoice O Heavens!

Ministering Sprits

My God Will Hear Me

Divine Protection

Defend My Cause

Full Armor of God

Help from the Sanctuary

Cry Out

Cry for Mercy

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Fight the Good Fight

That He May See

Priests and Warriors

Shrink Back

Armor of Light

New Creation

The Dilemna


Who Can But Prophesy?

Light Bearer

Guardian Angel

Run to Win!

Hard Pressed

More artwork coming soon…

Contact Me

If you have questions about using my artwork, purchasing, collaborating, or anything else, please contact me here. I look forward to speaking with you.